Thursday, 26 December 2013

ACROSTICHON - 'Acrostichon Promo 1996' (Hipper Than Hell Records Remaster 2013)

ACROSTICHON - 'Acrostichon Promo 1996'

01 - Spineless [00:00]
02 - Negative Edge [05:16]
03 - The Bleeder [10:23]

Recorded in April 1996 at Double Noise Studios Tilburg, The Netherlands, with Chris de Cock and Hans Timmermans. Mixes by Chris with Acrostichon. Released as a promo tape in 1996 only, rare recordings. Remastered by Eddy Lite with Abbey Road RS135 Brilliance Pack and IzoTope RX1 suite for restoration, editting and cleaning. End master with Abbey Road Suite, this one is now suitable for vinyl and iPod ready...

"Give Peaks a chance, if you think your music needs to sound as LOUD as possible, you're not doing it Rite!" Eddy Lite

Tilburg Metal, the best. Hell Jawel!

Acrostichon is still alive and well although the lads and gal are not the most 'stable ensemble' ever to walk among the strong army of Dutch Metal Acts... They do however released another #vinyl release in recent times and that is one hell of a stable war ensemble... Home of the Acrosties... | Acrostichon Wiki | Acrostichon on facebook | Acrostichon Bio and extended info on Metal Archives | | | |

Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Travolta's - Comeback?

"You're The Ones That I Want!"
(Lala, lahlah, laalaalaahhh, Hoe~hoe~hoewww...)

[In Dutch]


Ook The Travoltas lijken weer Grease in hun haartjes te gaan doen! Voor zover ze dat nog hebben natuurlijk! (:D)

Wanneer ik terug kijk op de tijd dat ik de wereld ging verkennen als journalist, en semi-profi cultuurslurpert besloot te worden, wordt ik altijd héél blij. Tuurlijk, leuk om je eigen hersenspinseltjes terug te lezen maar hoe leuk is dít dan?

"Word on the street is something's going to happen in 2014.." ~The Travoltas

*Zap to 1996...*
Ik betrok zo vaak als ik kon de artiesten waar ik over ging schrijven bij het uiteindelijke artikel. Werd wel eens een wenkbrauw bij opgetrokken maar dan weerlegde ik altijd voor de critici dat als je al bij voorbaat aan de oprechtheid van een journalist gaat twijfelen dat je dan beter niets kan lezen want je zou maar eens beïnvloed kunnen worden in je mening!

Affijn, zo oprecht als ik dat kon - en met het betrekken van artiesten bij het artikel wat ik over ze ging schrijven was er echt wel een lijn, het is niet dat ik me woorden in de mond liet leggen - probeerde ik dan altijd een indruk te schetsen. Geen mening, een indruk. En als ik dan mijn persoonlijke mening gaf, dan zette ik dat er ook expliciet bij.

Op een hier specifiek bepaalde leuke middag bij de Muziek Kanten Winkel waar we de POPnCast™ schreven lag er een verzoek voor me aangaande een artikel over The Travoltas. Het was 1996, eigenlijk was het toen ook crisis, en we hadden teveel tijd, veel idealen en zagen mogelijkheden. Tilburg ontplofte bijna van het talent maar we hadden geen cent te makken, (zie low-budget stencil kwaliteit) maar je kon onze scene alvast niet van straat hangen betichten.

The Travoltas waren nog helemaal nergens in 1996. Ze hadden een sterke en fanatieke supportersaanhang in Killburg en omstreken maar er moest geld bij en hoe briljant ze ook al waren, het moest allemaal nog beginnen. Omdat ik zag wat er stond te gebeuren, ja, dat klinkt wel heel hooghartig maar dat is het dus niet, stelde ik voor om de bandleden zo'n fijn tiener *Tina™* tijdschrift questionnaire in te laten vullen...

Wat een knutselvreugde!

Leve de Tina™, Viva La Travoltas™!


Monday, 18 November 2013

Can of worms... And I've opened it...

"It's not easy being a rebel..."

So, ever since I discovered the healing, soothing, therapeutic and moving but most of all FUN qualities that music can bring us I have been actively involved in the musicbusiness.

Had some education and sported many jobs in the musicindustry but most of my time I spent on buying, listening and scrutinizing what modern music is and what makes it that you feel special when you hear it.

I made this blog some 10 years ago, not literally in this spot here on but various versions of this page have been around on the more underground virtual networks of yesteryear in Cyberspace. I've shared opinions, insight, and examples. Simply because I was worried and dissatisfied with what most of the big recordcompanies wanted to sell me. And you.

One of those examples was the 'Death Magnetic' album by Metallica.

It wasn't that difficult to improve the sound in comparison to what Universal Music sells us. When you were one of those 100,000's of dedicated Metallica fans or simply a lover of all things metal, music, what have you, it wasn't that difficult to hear that the album from 2008 was seriously flawed or damaged. And today, it still is. There have not been a re-release put out officially to replace the original initial release.

Metallica - 'Death Magnetic' (2010 Optimum Headroom Remaster) (DR12) (promo sampler)

With my 6 track sampler on YouTube I just wanted to point out that it could've been different. It could've sounded lovely and exciting. Just as much as Metallica's last decent sounding album from 1991 'The Black Album'. It could have. But sadly it didn't.

Now, I don't like Piracy. I do respect copyrights and I just don't steal music, nor do I want to gain anything from passing music on to the next guy. Especially no money...
Now, here the sad part of this all.
See if you can follow me here...

What does this screenshot above tell you? What do you see?
Okay, you see my example of how 'Death Magnetic' could've sounded and that 1,279 people played this video. What else do you see? On the right panel you see a #featured video pointed out by Google's YouTube. What is that video? Well, I could tell you but it'll be so much more valuable if you went there and find out for yourself. Question from me to you, do you see any #legitimate Universal Music videos there? And are they featured?

So, not all is well in the music industry. I personally respect all involved and so I actively contribute and participate, and for this video I took quite a chance since YouTube could freeze my videos, take my account down and strike me with a court case if they wanted to. But oddly enough, they don't. Quite the opposite, they ask me if I want to make money off of my account. (Which I don't, at least not in this setting, it's educational in nature and for all to experience for free in my opinion.)

After almost two months, today YouTube replied to my copyright notice appeal. Which in short means that I have been communicating with Universal Music and YouTube about the question, "Do I have the right to share this self-produced video of mine, including 6 tracks of the pre-masters of Metallica's album?"
They did not answer, they replied today with another question, (while still streaming the video btw) do I want to take this to the court? Do I want to fight for my freedom of sharing an opinion and my example of how bad some products are today soundwise and how it could be?

So, the question for me is, should I take the video down?
Let it all be, move on and mind my own business, pay for my music as I always have when I want some music, yet not liking how it sounds very often? Pay even more than the retail price for a #vinyl version of the album, taking chances because those also do not always sound better than their MP3 or CD counterparts?

Or should I go for the appeal and give them all I've got in arguments and proof and energy, with the nasty risk of having ALL my google connected websites taken down, maybe even a penalty fine to pay...

What to do, what to do...

More info:

Friday, 15 November 2013

Private Life...

"Private Life, but irresistible to not share..."

What a great day this has been. Yep, this has been one of my better days and it was the weather, it was the events and it was the love I humbly received from quite some people.

Something that has been quite remarkable for me personally and which I am so happy to share with all my music loving friends is the event in which I found an old love back.

You can picture this quite figuratively since I have never ever met Kelly Breznik in real life. Nevertheless my love for Kelly was quite real. Not in the way you love your mother or schoolgirl sweetheart but Kelly spoke to me in a way no-one ever did. She really thoughed me with her voice and that love only grew. Kelly was a stunning singer in the Van Halen team of producers shaped set of albums under the name Private Life. Talking 1988 and 1990 here, Bon Jovi and all the other 'poodle rockers' were the rave and I happened to be in the perfect age and situation in my life to fall for many of the albums that came out in those days.

Out of all the albums that I bought in those years only a few survived the test of time. In the sense that some I do have a giggle on when I accidentally play them, for good old times reviving with friends for instance, but only a handful still have that same effect on me as they did back in the day when I bought them and played the grooves out of them.

Yep, those Private Life albums are among those albums. And in particular because of the chills I got and still get when I hear Kelly sing. Those albums are quite hard to find these days so I even shared them on my website some years ago. Making them sound a little more like the albums that come out these days but not overdoing it.

I have always been wondering what ever happened to the sweet Kelly (nowadays going by the name Kelly Macleod) that was comforting me with her angel-like voice and helping making my worries go away whenever I played those lovely, intense and yet gorgeous catchy albums. I never could track Kelly back, until today. By chance or perhaps not, I came across an outfit called The Sweet Potatoes and there she was, the Kelly I have always loved for her sweet, sweet voice that is like no other.

Kelly grew older of course through the years and her hard rocking vocal duties from the Private Life years made way for passionate Country Americana Gospel music that is again making me feel special. Special in the way that I can enjoy the beauty of music this way. Music from the heart, music for the heart. Have a listen and see if you get it what I'm saying here...

Here's to Kelly and The Sweet Potatoes, come join in and be amazed of just how personal and up close music can be.

to Kelly, love to the spirit that gave me a piece of Kelly back. The part of her that sings like an angel. That gave chills back in the late eighties and now all over again.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Yes! This sounds like music!

"How sweet the Lily..."

Yes! This sounds like music!

Friend and mentor on all things audio Ian Shepherd [from
] just mentioned to me that Lilly Allen released a new single and that it does sound lovely to his sensitive ears. For him and me it's a second nature to listen to audio in a more scrutinizing way and sometimes that's keeping one from just feeling the joy of the sounds that reach your brain.

For many years I worked in the music industry and today I'm working for me and my ideals. I can luckily switch modes so it's not that I'm always listening with my brain but quite often just with my heart as well. I love music, to state the obvious. But, it couldn't be much of a surprise to anyone reading this, modern consumer directed music is suffering for years now by compression method antics that squashes music to one big pulp. In the last say 5 years music has become more and more annoying to the ears of many, simply because all of the different record labels and artists wanting to be heard (which is quite understandable) and for years the tactics of sounding louder as your neighbor worked.

Not anymore, I for one don't even buy certain albums any more just because they sound like a complete disaster. It's been so far pushed to the limits, sound wise in loudness levels, that it becomes almost unbearable to listen to. For years I protested this method and shared my thoughts and examples of how it all could've sounded. []
It's great to hear some artists and labels and/or management executives that want to go back. Take it all a notch down and let the listener, the buying audience, decide just how LOUD they want their music to sound.

See, once the engineers that create your music decide that it should go as loud as it possibly can, you can't turn it around anymore. You could listen on a lower volume level but it would only sound flat and lifeless. Oddly enough, just exactly the opposite of what the engineers had in mind. When engineers create your music with dynamics (in short, not that LOUD but with jumps and wells where it is in fact a bit more quiet) you can play it just as loud as you want. In that scenario, it sounds lovely when you use it as a musical background but you can also crank up that dial and it still sounds lovely...

Thanks to Lily and Company for taking this first baby step, yes, it can still get better than this, and along with her a few other artists that surprised me at least with albums that don't push the limits of loudness but simply let it all breath a little...

And ofcourse, as always, a big thank you to Ian Shepherd. Go say hi to him if you love music and agree here.

P.S. "Go, Lily, Go Lily..."

(this is a repost from facebook earlier today.)
Read what Ian Shepherd from says about this great day for music...


Have you heard?


Published on Nov 12, 2013
01 - Walker [00:00]
02 - Mosh is Back [02:16]
03 - Reprobate [06:33]
04 - Praise of Pain [10:13]

Running time: 13"34' (approx)

WALKER was a Dutch, Tilburg based outfit that was actually in fact Crustacean ( with two members switching instruments. Just for fun, and I would be amazed if more than 100 people heard this excellent demotape back in the day. (sadly I must add, it's awesome in my book.)

Walker consisted of brutal Brabant Metal Heads Joris on drums, Tom on Bass, Mikk on Guitars and Norbert handling the verbal humiliation. (Y)

Recorded at the infamous but oh, so, excellent Double Noise Studio in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Chris de Cock engineered his ass off and Hans 'Buddha Building' Timmermans produced this massive glorious turd like no one ever could match.
(Personal addition, I think this sounds better than any of the last 3 ~ 3 and a half Holy Moses albums and I am a big fan of Sabina Classen and her Posse!)

References you ask?
How about #Holy Moses (DE), #Warpath (DE) and #Slayer (DUH!) yo?
#Carnivore? Hell yeahs!
Sound? Excellent!

This is taken from a pristine copy of the demotape. No dolby NR was used in production which is a pity but then again, lots of things can go wrong with that system too. Not a bad copy at all.

Transfer and Mastering was done by Eddy Lite @ hoerejong MultiMedia Design for Hipper than Hell Records on Movember 12th 2013.

HELL JAWEL! Now, blast that plaster off the ceiling dudes! (and dudettes!)


Eddy Lite
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    Standard YouTube License/ support your local scene.
    If any of the members and / or Double Noise family want this removed or altered, shoot me an e-mail... #respect

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dear UNIVERSAL Music Group, please be gentle with the BIRDY!

BIRDY needs to Fly...

BIRDY needs to Breathe...

Dear Universal, Be Kind 2 the Birdy!

Give Peaks a chance!

P.S. Everyone else, TURN IT UP!

Now You CAN!


P.S. Hands off the North Pole & Free Pussy Riot ~ Greenpeace and everyone else who has a >

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Storyteller's Night, with DRAIN Sth, Manhole L.A. & Fear Factory

"Kick my Bassdrum!"

Talking about pleasure, either given or taken, I love drums. Sadly you can't put headphones in them, oh well, you can but what's the point right?! But, I really would like to practice but alas, it's quite an expensive hobby so it's not been in the cards yet.

But I also love to hear and watch drummers and I love drum solos very much too. (Unless the drummer is really, really terrible...)
A very nice bonus is always the joy of hearing and seeing a woman do the banging. Why is it that so few known recognized artists are female I wonder. Why is that?

In 1996 I had the pleasure to attend a tour of the brutal dudes from Fear Factory and they had two support acts. One was Manhole (later better known as Tura Satana and My Ruin with the bad ass sweety Tairrie B. handling the mike.) The second band on the bill was Drain from Stockholm Sweden. Due to confusion because there had been a US band with the same name, the all girl doom rockers were later on stylized as Drain STH.

I had the total pleasure of being invited back stage and I first was invited by the guitar player from Manhole L.A. to come see Tairrie backstage and say hello. It was the cutest thing because when the door to the dressing room opened Tairrie stood there all freshly showered and smelling like roses in her perfectly white bathrobe. After some inspiring and warm words had been shared I asked Tairrie if she wanted to sign my CDs. One was the debut Manhole album and the other her first solo album 'Power of a Woman'. She blushed and she gasped for air or so it seems, whispering "Dude! You got one?! I thought I'd burned them all!" She wrote to me on that legendary album (One of the first true Female Gangsta-Rap albums in history if I remember correctly) that I was 'DJ Eddy Lite, DJ Supreme' and that I was down with the Tairrie right from the start. Awe. (and she was rite!)

After some quality time in the venue Noorderligt in Tilburg, The Netherlands, the bands were eager to go into the city and party. I heard the question where to go and so I proposed to go to the legendary (yes, yes) Extase Café in the historical center of the city. And thus a half hour later Fear Factory and following (yes, yes, is sneer) entered Café Extase. After a few beers I saw Burton C. Bell and Tairrie almost flying hand in hand through the emergency exit door in the back of the part of the Café where the DJ-booth and dancefloor are. Once someone opens this door there is an alarm light (luckily without siren) going off and so the DJ and bouncer rushed and looked what happened and then closed the door behind Tairrie and Burton. Aren't they lovely people, those Tilburgers?! Tairrie and Burton probably made sweet, sweet love that night. I believe they dated for some time too.

Because I spent some money on beers (ofcourse I did!) and because the women and following of the Drain STH clan offered me more I got a little tipsy there. I did find singer Maria Sjöholm a bit scary to look at and she didn't say a word that nite but she married Tony Iommi later on so I guess I was rite and wrong at the same time. Now, ever since I had heard and seen Martina Axén from Drain STH (best all female band ever I MUST add!) drum, I had fallen in love with that gorgeous and mighty talented woman. Intelligent too, because she had me seen smoking one doobie earlier and she said that it mushes your brain. Direct talk, love it! But one or two beers too many, and the unthinkable stupidity came over me and oh, god, there it was... Didn't happen before and it probably will never ever happen again, but I asked Martina to marry me! Right there on the spot. *poof* Mushed brain!

I've talked a few times to Martina on various places in cyberspace after the event and she's been really cool. She moved to the USA and played in some bands there. Not the biggest names but quite lovely music. But, the thing is, although it had been quite idiotic of me to propose to her that way, I did have the best intentions. I wanted Martina to conquer the world and be a big star. I wished her nothing but the best.
I lost track of her some time ago. Where are you miss Axén? And how you're doing, are you happy?

Love and women on top!

Eddy Lite

Oh, you want proof of my story...
Here you go...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DARK POEM @ BUT Film Festival 2013

Published on Sep 9, 2013
Recorded at by Eddy Lite,
De Nieuwe Veste, 07-09-2013 23.25u, Breda, The Netherlands
Courtesy of Dark Poem / BUT Film Festival 2013

--- preview, not final version ---

Faerie-Lectro from Antwerp, Belgium. "Our music wants to be a reflection of the subconcious, the wondrous world of dreams, shadows and desires."

Raya Schaduwjaagster :
music, lyrics, vocals, dancing, percussion, wild ideas

Sophie Drakenvleugels :
music, lyrics, vocals, dancing, percussion, mixing

1. Keep Your Eye On The Path
2. Shadowhuntress
3. Predator
4. What You Should Do
5. Violet Fire
6. Special Design
7. No Life In Here
8. Silent Noise
9. Euphoria
10. Craving Creatures