Thursday, 26 December 2013

ACROSTICHON - 'Acrostichon Promo 1996' (Hipper Than Hell Records Remaster 2013)

ACROSTICHON - 'Acrostichon Promo 1996'

01 - Spineless [00:00]
02 - Negative Edge [05:16]
03 - The Bleeder [10:23]

Recorded in April 1996 at Double Noise Studios Tilburg, The Netherlands, with Chris de Cock and Hans Timmermans. Mixes by Chris with Acrostichon. Released as a promo tape in 1996 only, rare recordings. Remastered by Eddy Lite with Abbey Road RS135 Brilliance Pack and IzoTope RX1 suite for restoration, editting and cleaning. End master with Abbey Road Suite, this one is now suitable for vinyl and iPod ready...

"Give Peaks a chance, if you think your music needs to sound as LOUD as possible, you're not doing it Rite!" Eddy Lite

Tilburg Metal, the best. Hell Jawel!

Acrostichon is still alive and well although the lads and gal are not the most 'stable ensemble' ever to walk among the strong army of Dutch Metal Acts... They do however released another #vinyl release in recent times and that is one hell of a stable war ensemble... Home of the Acrosties... | Acrostichon Wiki | Acrostichon on facebook | Acrostichon Bio and extended info on Metal Archives | | | |