Friday, 29 January 2016

Queensrÿche - 1988 - 'Operation:Mindcrime' FULL Dynamic Range Remaster 2016 (German Original DMM #vinyl)

Queensrÿche - 'Operation : Mindcrime' Coverart 1988
24bit 96kHz FULL Dynamic Range Remaster 
Redbook 16bit resolution files in FLAC container.
Vinyltransfer 2016 by Eddy Lite,
for hoerejong MultiMedia Design.
1988 EEC first DMM* pressing.
Vinyl manufactured by Teldec Germany,
Coversleeve manufactured by EMI Uden, the Netherlands.

Package including Album Artwork & info.
For Promotional Purposes Only.
Not for sale, for fans by fans.

We'd love to hear your opinions!
Viva La Revolution!

DMM German 1st vinyl issue 1988, EMI Uden / Teldec Germany


(c)1988 EMI Uden, The Netherlands
(p)2016 Hipper Than Hell Records, The Netherlands.
*Master developed by Teldec Germany.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I know, these are not the high resolution files but the standard redbook (CD) files. People, please stop sending me emails asking for other things than what I offered already. It won't happen. Or at least not anytime soon. And here's why...

    I do not have the ways to distribute these high-res files, no wait, let's make that any files on a regular basis. Working on a solution, but it's not that easy, typically without getting myself into trouble.

    I just wanted this one out there to make a statement. Most of what I do put out there nowadays is lossy AAC and there is more than one reason for this.

    1) AAC when coded correctly does sound quite good actually. I personally hate MP3, but AAC, though not that different and still 'lossy' I have no problems with. I do have a portable device and this is my way to go. AAC-LC (320-512kbs)

    2) I take chances with providing these alternative music files for those who are not satisfied with what is offered to them via the official channels. The Loudness Wars could be an understandable point, but also represses on vinyl whether that be the official licensed products or the huge amounts of counterfeits that are flooding our world today. Be aware, these [look] legit more and more and are often not that easy to distinct from the real deal. Sound wise, they usually stink.

    Today we could enjoy better quality music reproduction, whether we talk vinyl or CD or any digital container, than ever before, but in reality on average the quality is worse than say in 1988. This post is simply here to point that out. Not more not less.

    3) High Definition Audio is way over-rated. Most of the commercial high resolution audio that is sold on various portals/ online re-sellers are not worth the price tag simply because most of them are compressed and clipped just like their lower resolution companions. When processing audio it is mandatory to work in the highest possible resolution. When listening to music the redbook (CD) standard is sufficient enough. In fact, I listen to the Redbook files myself most of the time since it seems to be more 'coherent' and has a bit more 'bite' to it than the 24/96 versions that I also archive. Listening to even higher resolution is simply ridiculous...

    (Classical music and the more complex music like Jazz and Cross-over is a different story, but then again I do think that the difference is minimal when the redbook files are processed with care - i.e. properly dithered and down-sampled)

    So, please, don't ask for files, at this point in time I do not distribute actively unless there's a good reason for it and when I do, it's under my terms. I want to take this out of the 'illegal' context but it's not that easy to get there.

    One of the ideas is to work with tickets. You provide a proof of purchase for a certain product and I'll provide an alternative, probably for a small fee. Yes, I need to ask a small fee at some point simply because in all my years online, and with all the files I have generously shared around the globe only ONE gentleman was so kind to donate a small amount of money to compensate me for my efforts and costs. And he simply showed his gratitude doing so. Which I was very grateful for. It's not the amount, it's the gesture.

    So, there you have it. Thank you for reading and understanding.

    Enjoy the dynamics of life!
    Eddy Lite